School Sisters' Of Noter Dame

Here is some information about my background and my career choice. There is also some information about working at a public nursing home at Laurels Peak. A public nursing home is kind of the same as working at the sisters nursing home, but there are male and female at a public nursing home and only females at the sisters nursing home, there is also a lot of history about the school sisters. I am Destiny Friedrichs, I am 18 years old . I decided to finally go to college for a social worker. When I was younger about three years old I saw my dad get arrested and put into jail my brother was a year old at the time. My dad went to prison for eight years, he finally got out when I was in fourth grade, when he got out we didn’t really spend any time with us kids because he was out running the streets. He got put back in for drugs again and again, and again. He never learned his lesson, and then started making counterfeit money and got in trouble for that. Every single time he gets in trouble he says he's sorry and wishes my brother and I would forgive him, and we would until this last time he went in we gave up on him , we don’t go see him or answer his phone calls anymore. When my mom got in trouble we were not expecting it, that night went from a family day to the worst day in my life. I felt like I lost the other half of me. When that happened my brother and I  got sent to live with my great aunt and uncle. We liked it at first but they were very strict, and became mean. That time my brother and I became very very close, he became my best friend and we never left each other's side. We eventually got a social worker she would pick us up from school and bring us to see our mom the days we had visitation. After about six months we got the best news, we could finally go back home to our mom, she did everything she could to get us back. After we didn’t need our social worker she still stayed in contact with us and would still come pick us up and hangout with us.  When I was younger, I wanted to work in the criminal justice field and also cosmetology. As I grew up I drifted away from the criminal justice and wanted to become a nurse, as time went on and I was working at a nursing home, I decided it wasn’t the schedule that I would like to work in a career. After I looked around at different job types I came across a social worker, I just recently applied at South Central college to start my career and schooling in the fall for a social worker. I decided to become a social worker because I love working with people and knowing that I am going to be able to help along with the hours I want to work in the future. I got my CNA (certified nursing assistant) in August 2018 through the monarch company and they also paid for my classes. I started out in the summer so I was working six am until two thirty pm and sometimes even longer. While I was working at Laurels Peak I was growing very, very strong bonds with the residents. I loved being there first hello in the morning and last Goodnight at bed time. While I was working at Laurels Peak I was working with males and females and it really was not a strict place. I learned the most at Laurels Peak is you have to be quick on your feet and no matter how much someone is bothering you, you have to do everything you can for them because most of them depend on you. I decided to leave this job because it was very unorganized and the management was not very good, so then I decided to apply at the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  When I got the call back from the School Sisters of Notre Dame I set up an interview and got the job. I was then working two jobs for two weeks, but it wasn’t that bad. When I started at the School Sisters of Notre Dame it was a very big change, I was only working with female residents and female coworkers. As I started to pick up more hours I got to know the sisters more and their past is very very interesting.  Most of the Sisters were teachers and got to travel around the United states to complete their mission. The School Sisters mission, “The school sisters of Notre dame are members of an international congregation of women religious which was founded in Bavaria in 1833. The first sisters arrived in North america in 1847, school sisters of Notre Dame, now living and ministering on five continents, have their generalist in Rome, italy, and continue to “share in Christs mission to proclaim the good news of god religion. There mission is to “ proclaim the good news as school sisters of Notre Dame, directing our entire lives toward that one as for which Jesus christ was sent. As  he was sent to show the father’s love to the world we are sent to make Christ visible by our very being, by sharing our love, faith, and hope”. I can see the visibility of the mission with them going to mass and prayer at least three times a day. They also are very welcoming  by the way that they carry themselves. Their always excited to share their history, experience, and ways you could become a nun or a sister.  The first request for the sisters was in March 1846, “ sisters were responding to the call to teach the children of the German immigrants in north America, the first school sister of Notre Dame arrived in New york in 1847, and by 1850’s sisters were teaching and caring for children at six missions in Baltimore, philadelphia, pittsburg, and buffalo New York.  Mother Caroline and three sisters and also a candidate arrived in Milwaukee on December 15 1950, and were teaching the  children of German immigrants  within two weeks. Then more and more women asked to enter the congregation and by 1876 sisters were teaching and caring for children at approximately 150 missions in Wisconsin and 15 other midwestern, northeastern and southern states as well as in Ontario canada” .”On November 4th 2018 there was 919 sisters in the central pacific province and the population is still growing. The central province serves 21 different states, and they serve 4 countries, Italy, japan, Nepal, and the united states. How do the sisters serve? They serve in a variety of different ministries, like formal education but work wherever they are needed”. On the campus in Mankato we have Sisters from Vietnam that are there to help at Loyola, they are a big part of the community, they are not only here to teach they are here to learn English and part of our American culture.   The sisters just celebrated their 185 year mission October seventeenth 2018.  While working in the building of the School Sisters I have learned a lot about the building, I even found some underground tunnels that the sisters use to use if it was raining to get to other parts of the campus. “The actual beginning of the school sisters of Notre Dame was around  October 24, 1833.  The political and social disruption in Bavaria brought the widespread in poverty.  During poverty the young woman was often single parents with no means of support. The belief was that their renewal of society depended on the Christian family mother, the first educator had a role, and the christian education of girls would be the vital service offered by the new community”. “Schumacher supervised construction of the original buildings on the hilltop campus where the sisters moved from downtown Mankato in 1912. Members of the religious order first arrived in the area 150 years ago.In 1924, ground was broken for the chapel and its bell tower was finished in 1925. The first Mass there was celebrated Feb. 11, 1926.Italian Carrara marble was carved into statues of Our Lady of Good Counsel and Saint Joseph and was used for the altar steps. Columns in the chapel are of stone quarried at Mankato and the floor's figured tiles were shipped from Germany. Mother of Pearl lattices and mosaics were used to grace the altar. Good Counsel Chapel was renovated in 1994, in part, to allow easier access for elder sisters in the community and people who use wheelchairs. While the chapel was undergoing remodeling, its organ was given a thorough cleaning. Several nuns diligently scrubbed its many pipes and Sister Mary, John Baetz of Mankato meticulously repainted the designs on the pipe facades” I also found out some very interesting facts about some of the sisters and their history. “Sister Mary Anne Owens was born in New York City to immigrant parents. She professed vows in 1965, after which she taught junior high in Maryland and high school in Pennsylvania. From 1973-1978 she served in elementary administration in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Beginning in 1978, she directed the Justice and Peace office for the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana. Returning to Dallas in 1985, Sister Mary Anne served on the provincial council for eight years in the former Dallas Province. In 1994, she became director of a Family Service Center in Dallas; this ministry was followed by working for Catholic Charities in Long Island, New York, for two years before finally returning to Dallas to become Director of Catholic Charities from 1998 to June 2011. She was then elected Provincial Leader of the newly formed Central Pacific Province, a position she currently serves. Sister Mary Anne earned a Bachelor’s degree in history and social studies from Marywood College in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 1967 and a Master’s degree in geography and administration from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, in 1974. In 1993, she earned a certificate in gerontology from North Texas University in Denton, Texas”. Becoming a nun is a very long process its four steps. When you first begin living at the convent for three to four weeks, you are taking classes while deciding if you actually want to become a nun or not. They then begin Postulancy and Novitiate stages, you live in the postulancy for a year learning the day to day living of a nun, then when you motivate you finally get your habit and a new name. After they live at a naviance  for two years the nun is still in training and gets the choice to continue to become a nun or return to the outside world. If the sister decides to continue the novance makes her first profession of vows for three years and then gets a black hood.  After her third year the nun or sister becomes more intertwined with the rest of the sisters before taking her final profession, literally marrying god and becoming a full nun. Some things that you didn’t know nuns could do. Nuns can not touch men, before they go to the convent  they have to make three vows to god. The first one is that they have to remain unwed and not have any physical relations with men, instead they decide to enter the holy matrimony with jesus. Nuns also live in poverty, they work for no money and if they earn money they give it all to the church, the church then provides them with everything. Nuns are not supposed to have smartphones according to pope Francis, because with all the social media it might take away some peoples religion itself. After working with the nuns I found a lot of interesting information about them. I also learned that some of the sisters can be mean, swear, and even hit you. I never thought a nun would do those types of things but I was wrong. I love the nursing field and all the experience I have had at the public nursing home and then with the sisters. I am now very interested in social work and will continue my education at South Central college for two years and transfer to MSU for the rest of the schooling. After a lot of thinking and deciding what I truly wanted to do I figured it out. I want to be a social worker because my social worker at the time truly helped me out and changed my life. After all the career changes in different environments I finally realized I truly want to become a social worker. And I hope I have the same impact on people as my social worker did for me.