Essential Tips for Choosing an Essay Topic

Your essay topic is the star of the show. Needless to say, you better work hard on picking the best topic for your paper. Of course, it is a tough job. Where to start? Where to look for it? What can work best? There are so many questions rushing through your head. If you fail to choose the right essay topic, you degrade the entire paper. Hence, you better learn how to prevent this from happening. Fortunately for you, we have prepared a brief guide with 5 essential tips for choosing an essay topic.

Focus on what you like

Here is our best advice for you. Write an essay on the topic that you can enjoy. Pick what you like. Don’t try to overthink it. Don’t try to think what your professor may like the most, or what looks the coolest. Pick a topic that is close to your interest. Write about things that intrigue you. This is the best way to have a well-written paper. Your professor can always tell whether you have enjoyed working on your assignment or not. Moreover, you are doing yourself a favor, by writing about the topic you find interesting. This way your work will go faster and smoother. You won’t feel too exhausted or depressed while spending hours on your paper.

Search for what you know

Another way to analyze your topic choices is to stay within the area you already know well. Look for themes where you feel most comfortable. See how you can incorporate your knowledge into your assignment. For instance, writers at would pick various orders according to their own disciplines and experience. You should do the same. This way you save a lot of time in researching your topic. You can start writing down your opinion right away.

Define the paper type

The next step is essential for your topic evaluation. It needs to be appropriate for the type of paper you are assigned to do. If you have to do a personal essay, your topic should obviously be connected to your personal experience, history, or personal views on a matter. On the contrary, you shouldn't go into personal topics if it's a paper on political research. Keep it relevant. The kind of paper you are working on should set the right tone for your work. You can research more on the specifics of different paper styles on, they can answer all your queries.

Narrow it down

Don't try to cover everything at once in a single paper. It is just not going to work. You need to narrow down your topic to a specific matter. Let's say you want to write about obesity. It's still not a topic yet, it's a theme. Now, pick what exactly about this theme interests you. You can write about the causes of obesity among children. This will do it. It's easier to formulate your thesis statement when your topic is clear and concise.

Look at the sources

Another quite important rule here is to check how many sources you can find on your topic. Don’t pick a topic where you struggle to find at least a few reliable sources. It is not worth the time. Thus, before making your final choice, be sure to check your online libraries, news articles, and credible data portals. If you don’t see what you are looking for, you better change the topic. You will be the number one fan of the page if you choose to work on an essay with no sources available to you. Trust us on this one.